About “The List”

posted by Robbin
September 25, 2009

“The List” began well over 10 years ago thanks to a question posed by my friend Michael Bailey, who, at a Chamber event, asked “Robbin, would you remind me when the next Chamber Business After Hours is?”  By the time that event came around, I thought I might as well mention to Michael that there was also an ArtSpot happy hour scheduled for an upcoming date too, and then figured I would also let Stacy, Diane and some others know about both events too, and from there it snowballed into a diverse list of well over 500 recipients today!

My reason for The List has always been to get the word out to as many people as possible about the great things going on in New Haven.  The fact is, we’re a busy society of people and not everyone has time to read the paper, look at mailings, etc., but yet people are happy to support an event once they DO hear about it.  And that’s where I come in!  I’m the one reading the papers, receiving emails and snail-mail about events – and reading those flyers taped to windows and stapled on telephone poles.

How it works – Every day or so, I send emails with the details of events out to my diverse group of recipients.  The List includes not just accountants, young people, suburbanites, men, women, singles, or couples, but every range of the spectrum.  The common thread is that they all enjoy doing things out and about in New Haven.  Each of them has their own network of friends that they forward applicable events on to as well.  So exponentially one posting reaches a WIDE array of people all around the state.

Along with charity fundraisers, I also list restaurant specials, wine dinners, special retail offers, job postings, and I sprinkle in a bit of real estate listings, pet placement and occasionally there’s a story or two about my crazy family!

My website postings also directly link with my community blog on the New Haven Register website, as well as my Twitter and Facebook accounts.

To contact me regarding List issues, please email me at: robbin.seipold@gmail.com