This week, join Activist Songbook for a Virtual Choir, a panel about Activism and Allyship co-hosted by One Village Healing, and an Illuminated Manuscript of songs. Also this week, check out the final edition of More Or Less I Am and the Ideas series panels with the philosophers who advise the show The Good Place and a Constitution Cafe about the Constitution and mass incarceration. Our Yale-China fellow ZENG Hong presents her interactive global project on identity, censorship, and immigration. We’re offering a walking and biking tour of the Pardee-Morris House and a food event: Cooking with Mojo: A Soul de Cuba Cafe Experience. This weekend, virtually visit The Hill neighborhood for a celebratory concert and help us honor our high school fellows at their  graduation ceremony.


Ideas Event: Shaping Our Voices Into Movements, Action, and Allyship

Tuesday, June 23, 7:00 PM – FREE

Join Activist Songbook as fellow artists and activists discuss how we can raise our voices to become agents for social change and what People of the Global Majority (PGM) allyship looks like. Learn more here.

Made possible by The Whitney Center, CT Humanities, CT Public, WSHU and NEFA


Constitution Cafe: Constitution & Mass Incarceration

Wednesday, June 24, 5:00 PM – FREE, Registration Required

Tune in for a discussion about the Constitution and mass incarceration with a panelist of experts. Register here.

In partnership with CTMirror. Made possible by The Whitney Center, CT Humanities, CT Public, and WSHU


More or Less I Am, Episode 4: Gratitude

Friday, June 26 – Available to watch any time

The final episode of Compagnia de Colombari’s riveting musical performance inspired by Walt Whitman’s “Song of Myself.” Learn more here.


Activist Songbook, Virtual Choir

Friday, June 26 – Watch any time

Activist Songbook’s final Virtual Choir uses the power of song to promote human rights. Learn more here.


Ideas Event: On Being Good: A Conversation with The Good Place Philosophers

Friday, June 26, 7:00 PM – FREE

Philosophers Pamela Hieronymi and Todd May, who served as philosophy advisors on the acclaimed television comedy, The Good Place (NBC), explore the nature of goodness and its role in society, an especially poignant and visceral subject against the backdrop of the current public health crisis. Learn more here.

Made possible by The Whitney Center, CT Humanities, CT Public, and WSHU


Stories & Storytelling: You, Me and the World Around Us with Storyteller Laconia Therrio

Saturday, June 27, 3:00 PM – FREE, Registration Required

Stories remind us more of our commonalities than our differences. Race, ethnicity, nationality, religion, politics can divide. What if there was a way to hear one another without defensiveness? Register here.


Festival Fellows Graduation

Saturday, June 27, 1:30 PM – FREE, Registration Required

The Festival’s High School Fellowship Program creates the next generation of community leaders. Join us to celebrate their graduation at a live virtual ceremony. Register here.


Keybank Food Event: Soul De Cuba

Saturday, June 27, 7:00 PM – $25, Registration Required

Enjoy the flavors of Soul de Cuba Cafe, at home, with Chef Adis Romero. Chef Romero will walk you through the preparation of one of Soul de Cuba Cafe’s most popular dishes, Salmon en Mojo y Miel, which combines the traditional flavor of Cuban Mojo–garlic, citrus, vinegar, and honey–to make the perfect crispy, tender, sweet, and savory salmon dinner at home in your kitchen. Then, founder Jesus Puerto will teach you how to make the perfect summer mojito. Buy tickets here.


Activist Songbook: There Will Be Joy; Songs for the Revolution

Sunday, June 28, 2:30 PM – FREE, Registration Required

Join Activist Songbook in a collaboration with One Village Healing to energize and encourage using your voice for change. Raise your voice against hate and injustice. Learn more here.


Hill Neighborhood Celebration

Sunday, June 28, 6:00 PM – FREE

This 60-minute virtual concert, hosted by Martha Dye and Brian Sams, features music from two popular performers: Manny James and Aleecya Foreman. Learn more here.


Activist Songbook: Illuminated Manuscript

Wednesday, June 30 – Available to view any time

The full compilation of Activist Songbook’s 53 songs will be available to enjoy here.


New Haven’s African American, Indigenous, and Latin History

Available to view now

Students in the African American and Latinx History class at Metropolitan, a local New Haven high school, created two audio walking tours of New Haven’s Dixwell and The Hill neighborhoods. Take the tours here.

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