We are offering our Cat 101 for Kids again in August! From August 6th-9th, we will offer 4 days of hands on activities teaching kids about how to interact with and care for cats. If your little one is interested, email us at mewhavencatcafe@gmail.com to enroll! 😻👦

Mew Haven Cat Cafe – 904 Whalley Ave., New Haven


What’s a cat cafe?
cat cafe noun. a business establishment that has numerous cats available for customers to play with, usually at an hourly rate, and often offers food and drinks.
A cat cafe is a place where you can get your caffeine fix and cat fix at the same time. Imagine enjoying your morning cup of coffee and crossword puzzle while a cat looks on next to you. Or catching up with friends after work, petting cats as you unwind. Maybe you need a quiet place to finish your history paper, with a new friend sitting next to you, rhythmically purring.
A cat cafe is the cats’ foster home. It’s a safe place for them to stay until they are adopted. And while they’re here, they’re being socialized: living and playing with their fellow cats, and also learning about all the humans who come to visit them.
So while the cats are learning about you, you’re learning about them. A cat cafe is the next level of adoption. You can meet and get to know your cat friends and their personalities before deciding to adopt them into your family.
As Connecticut’s first cat cafe, we combine coffee and adoptable shelter cats in one comfortable space. Come make friends with a new furry friend. And if you’d like to add your friend to your family, all cats are adoptable through The Animal Haven.

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