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September 13, 2020
Classes starting soon!!
October 2020
Sign up now! Limited spaces available!
Not an Ordinary Leadership Program
This year, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, sessions are being planned with safety in mind, and will be held both in-person and online.
Leadership Greater New Haven (LGNH) targets middle to senior level business professionals, and is NOT a traditional leadership program with these programmatic elements:
Practical Leadership Training
Program participants will receive training that underscores various leadership styles and strategies for team and staff management, team collaboration, navigating a multi-generational and diverse workforce, strategic planning, conflict resolution, emotional intelligence, inclusion and cultural awareness; PLUS the sharpening of professional skills, such as public speaking, personal branding, business communications, customer service excellence and more! In addition, a significant amount of time will be spent on addressing resiliency and leadership strategies during constant change and disruption.
Five Leadership Practices
The leadership class will explore the 5 leadership practices outlined in the national best-selling book, “The Leadership Challenge: How to Make Extraordinary Things Happen in Organizations.”
1. Model the Way
2. Inspire a Shared Vision
3. Challenge the Process
4. Enable Others to Act
5. Encourage the Heart
Orientation to Greater New Haven Region
Additional topics include: Understanding Greater New Haven’s assets and opportunities, the challenges and benefits of doing business in the New Haven area, the resources and relationships to enable leaders to compete and be successful in the region.
Hands On / Real World Project Work:
The leadership class will be organized into teams and each class team will be assigned a project from a local organization to manage throughout the 6 month leadership program. During the graduation ceremony in March, each team will deliver a final presentation to help solve a real world business challenge.
Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Training and Immersion
Our training starts with understanding the impact that diversity, equity, and inclusion has on businesses and communities, in both short term and long term periods. We’ll explore case studies where workplaces and businesses that have embraced D/E/I principles have had remarkable results and been catalysts for positive community penetration and integration. NEW this year, we’re launching a diversity immersion program in which participants connect with community business leaders (in class & on company tours), learn about community programs, and are given resources, tools, and projects to grow or improve connections within diverse populations and professional organizations or businesses. Additionally, the topics of self-awareness, conscious and unconscious biases, improving team engagement, and strategies for fostering inclusive and equitable cultures internally and externally, will be covered.
Outcomes and Key Deliverables:
  • Development/Enhancement of Core Leadership competencies
  • Skills to cultivate professional transformation and mastery of leadership style
  • Insider’s views of New Haven’s regional connections and resources
  • Social awareness and relationship management through difficult times
Dates for Six Sessions, 9am – 3pm:
  • Tues, Oct 20 & Wed, Oct 21
  • Wed, Nov 11
  • Wed, Dec 9
  • Wed, Jan 6
  • Wed, Feb 10
Tuition for this program includes the national best-selling book, “The Leadership Challenge: How to Make Extraordinary Things Happen in Organizations,” plus additional businesses resources, and unique in-person and online experiences that you won’t want to miss! Sign up NOW!
For more information about the LGNH program and pricing:
Contact Tameika G. Miller,
Vice President of Marketing and Events,
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Greater New Haven Chamber of Commerce | 900 Chapel Street 10th Floor, New Haven, CT 06510

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