The next time your business, non-profit, or organization needs a relatively large copy project done — consider the Gateway print shop — and mention you heard about it through Robbins List. Thanks!


Welcome to Publication Services


Making Print Requests

Upload your PDF file directly to Gateway’s Web2Press, (make sure there is no www).

For complete instructions on how to sign in and upload your file, click the graphic to the left.

Depending on your request, jobs may take two to seven (2 to 7) working days and are completed on a first-come, first-served basis. Larger jobs, and projects that involve graphic design, may take longer. We respectfully request that you plan ahead.

The publication services area does not offer copy machines for public use for one or two random copies, etc. . All machines in this area must be operated by trained personnel.

Contact Info

For more information, contact:

Amie Fanning
Ph: (203) 285-2228
Fx: (203) 285-2294

Allen Gales
Ph: (203) 285-2227
Fx: (203) 285-2294

Room N022: Lower level of North Building

Print Shop Website

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