Next Steps
First :
Return when it’s time again for hands to play.
For now, we will all improvise.
We train our Apprentices to ask not: Is there anything to do? but to ask the more practical – What next?
There are answers to some (not all yet) what next? questions.
We have closed our Workshops carefully. We have sent all our N95 Masks to New Haven EMTs. We sent some Goggles and disposable lab coats and vinyl gloves to Hospice. We wish we had more to send.
When the hazards recede, we will rebound along with you.
We have projects already produced that your child can build at home. We will send another announcement with the list. You will need to order them over the phone with a credit card and then do a curbside pick-up here at the Museum. We will give you a time/day for pick up. It will depend on whether we are allowed to come in. We hope that won’t happen.
Watch for another message from us with details.
We will be posting visual instructions on the pages of the website as soon as we can. We will post a Help Resource of Apprentices who will connect by Zoom or Google Hangouts to answer questions when support is needed.
The Leonardo Challenge
We know it will happen. Just don’t know when. Right now moving to Plan B(May) with Plan C (September) if necessary. We’ll be sending out a separate email soon about the Challenge.
Summer Programs
All deposits are secure. We think it will be a month at least before we know the prospects for the summer. Please bear with us as we wait that out. We know we are needed but when is still unknown.
If refunds are needed, we will subtract only the credit card fees. You will have other options as well.
You may still sign up for the Summer Programs. But no deposit will be required until we know when we will be starting up and the schedule is more certain.
Each Monday we will offer a Creative Challenge for children, or children and their parents, or others with restless imaginations.
Fashioned after Leonardo’s injunction that imagination can make do and make art with what’s at hand, these Challenges will designate a common object for creative hands to transform, photograph and submit to a gallery on Thursday that will be unveiled on Friday.
Imaginations still dance even when the world around us seems to move not at all.
Bill and Sally
The Whitney Workshop @ EWM | 203.777.1833 |
The Whitney Workshop | 915 Whitney AvenueHamden, CT 06517

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