Every demo is family friendly and free of cost

August 12 – OIL PAINTING12PM – 3PM


We will be demonstrating oil painting techniques using different mediums, color mixing, surface prep, and paint application. Perfect for those who want to try oil painting but don’t know where to start!



August 19 – OIL STICKS12PM – 3PM


Oil paint in stick form! Use them like wax pastels, or blend them with a brush and medium.

Learn all the ways oil sticks could change your art-making game.



August 26 – ACRYLICS12PM – 3PM


Get an introduction to acrylics!

We will be demonstrating Heavy Body, Soft Body, Fluid, and High Flow Acrylics.



September 2 – WATERCOLORS12PM – 3PM


Delicate or bold, smooth or sharp; learn all the ways watercolor can make your artwork something unique.

See the difference between cold press, hot press, and rough watercolor papers. Blend colors and create

effects using different techniques and brushes.



September 9 – HENNA TATTOOS12PM3PM


Curious about henna tattoos? Come in and experience the 2-week temporary tattoo. We will be showing

off the Jacquard Henna Tattoo Kit, which gives you everything you need to get started.



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