Discovering Disease, Diversity, and Cause of Death
in the Yale Peabody Museum Primate Collections With Gary P. Aronsen
Thursday, March 14 at 4:00pm
1st Floor Fossil Fragments Exhibit
Yale Peabody Museum

Free Admission
Refreshments to follow 

 The Yale Peabody Museum’s extraordinary collections span centuries, and although some specimens are well documented, others lack information. Gary Aronsen, research associate in the Yale Department of Anthropology and supervisor of the Yale Biological Anthropology Labs, will discuss his efforts to review and describe the primates in the Peabody’s mammalogy collection.

Using forensic and biological methods, he and his students have provided new insights into this material, including previously unknown species diversity, indicators of violence and metabolic stress, and hallmarks of infectious disease. Their ongoing work highlights the critical importance of museum collections and young scientists in illuminating both the past and the present.

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