Ides of March Burlesque Show – March 15th

posted by Robbin
March 12, 2019

Et tu, Brute

The Ides of March are upon us

Romans celebrated by drinking copiously, dancing the night away, engaging in widespread debauchery, burlesque shows, and making sacrifices. You’re welcome to do the same, with us at The State House, but maybe skip the sacrifices.

Come for a night of Burlesque, Aerial Art, Hoops & Games!!

Stay for a 90s dance party.

Clearly, this is the perfect occasion to throw a toga party. We encourage (but not require) that guests wear costumes like the ancient Romans.

There will be costume contest with prizes for the best toga or most accurate gladiator outfits.

Featuring :

Your Host:

  • Professor M – Cabaret Singer & Black Kingpin of Swagger


  • Vivienne LaFlamme
  • Dot Mitzvah
  • Kitty Katastrophe
  • Theresa Shine

Hula Hoops- Felicia Page

Dani Bobbi Lee- Air Temple Arts

Dj Mo Niklz

Vendor: The Tiny Hobo


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