Fiery food made by steamy chefs — what could be hotter?

By: Maria Russo – Food Network

Michael Moriatis

When it comes to hot kitchens, we here at Food Network know a thing or two. The sizzle of a tender rib-eye in a smoking skillet, the perfect flip of a fried egg, the saucy sound of noodles being tossed with pasta — we’ve got all those moments in spades. This fall, though, for the first time ever we’re set to spice things up in a new way.

On November 1, we’re teaming up with People Magazine to crown this year’s Sexiest Chef Alive. Hosted by Jess Cagle, the editor in chief of People Magazine, this one-hour special (airing at 8|7c) will showcase 10 up-and-coming culinary hotshots who are on fire in the kitchen (and out!). We’ll get to know them — not only their cooking styles and signature dishes, but also their lives at home — as we head to their restaurants and hometowns and meet their colleagues, families and the guests at their eateries. Get ready for an insider’s look at each guy’s day-to-day routine and find out just what makes him so sexy behind the stove and beyond. Ultimately only one will be named the Sexiest Chef in America, and it’s this title-winning showstopper who will earn a feature in People Magazine’s Sexiest Man Alive issue, on newsstands Friday, Nov. 9.


Ready to meet this year’s hot contenders? Read on below to find out who’s in the running.

Andrew Isabella: Executive Chef of BeetleCat, Atlanta

Deuki Hong: Owner and Executive Chef of Sunday Hospitality Group, San Francisco

Edouardo Jordan: Executive Chef of JuneBaby and Salare, Seattle

Eric Adjepong: Co-owner and Executive Chef of Pinch and Plate, Washington, D.C.

Johnny Spero: Owner and Executive Chef of Reverie, Washington, D.C.

Jordan Andino: Co-owner and Chef of Flip Sigi, New York City

Kevin Tien: Owner and Executive Chef of Himitsu, Washington, D.C.

Louis Maldonado: Executive Chef of Amara, San Francisco

Ryan Durant: Owner and Executive Chef of Assaggio, Branford, CT

Thiago Silva: Executive Pastry Chef Consultant, Catch Restaurant Group, New York City

Mark your calendars for the premiere of People Magazine: Sexiest Chef Alive, November 1 at 8|7c.

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