Message from Robbin to RobbinsList subscribers

posted by Robbin
September 17, 2019

Hello my fabulous RobbinsList subscribers!


You may have noticed recently that there are not as many posts in each of the daily emails.  Unfortunately, since my website upgraded its software, once I “cut and paste” information,  versus uploading JPG,or PNG files — like flyers, etc., the site then won’t show the posts I’ve added following that. 

Soooo… you see only one or two items, and not the usual sign-off from me at the bottom, but really there are several new items that have been posted. 

I know it’s an extra step, but until I figure out a way around this quandry, I suggest that you go onto the website directly so you don’t miss out on any of the great events going on in and around New Haven. 

Apologies on this inconvenience — thanks for being a subscriber, 



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