Dear Friends and Neighbors:

I am looking for a temporary or preferably a permanent home for two cats: both female–one is the mother who is around 1 yr and the other is her kitten who is around 6 months old.  They have both been spayed; given their shots; tested for feline diseases; treated for worms, ticks and parasites; and chipped. 

I currently am housing them in a garage at the back of my building.  The owner of that garage wants the use of this space; so we have to leave.  The cats each travel with a dowry of a large dog cage, a carrier with bedding, a litter box, feeding bowls, toys, a scratching pad and a thermostatically controlled heating pad. 

They are feral cats that were trapped on our property and need to be socialized.  I’ve been working with them for about a month and they already are doing very well.  Neither is aggressive or threatening.  They have become litter box trained and are gradually becoming more relaxed.  They have adjusted completely to being indoors and are very sweet creatures. 

I am planning on adopting the third cat of this family; but I need someone who can either take the other two on temporarily while they continue to be socialized or permanently. 

If someone nearby would be willing to allow them to be housed on their property, I would be willing to continue to clean and feed them daily. 

I have called every CT shelter and group I can find to ask for help; but they all are full or have closed. Since they are feral, the kill shelters will destroy them. 

Socializing them greatly increases their chances of being adopted. I would be very grateful for any help anyone can give with this project. 

Thank you,  Ann Diamond

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