Earth Day 2021
Preserving Spring
We need small, working, microwave ovens.
Our Workshops will move outside this Summer. We will explore our site’s beauty with new tools. Microwave ingenuity can infuse the 19th Century art of pressing flowers and leaves with 21st Century expediency. Young hands can preserve nature’s delicate colors and architecture for 
study and creative construction.
We need donations of small microwave ovens. 
Baked on splatters are of no concern.
Your kitchen-worn wonder will find new life and artistry.
Donate your tired Microwave oven to the Museum to see an old art form emerge in just minutes. If your basement looks like this, let us know and we’ll be happy to help you downsize.
Contact Kiran Zaman via email or call the Museum (203-777-1833). You can drop off any day between 9 and 5.
The Whitney Workshop @ EWM | 203.777.1833 |
The Whitney Workshop | 915 Whitney AvenueHamden, CT 06517

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