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Hi Friend —

A new season brings with it the chance to reflect on all that we accomplished this past season as well as realign our efforts, energy and intention for the season ahead. We invite you to set aside space this week to connect with yourself and your hopes for this cozy Fall season.

#DidYouKnow: YIOC has created a simple way to spread joy

As part of our Gratitude Campaign this month, if you contribute $15 or more to the organization, you will receive a pack of YIOC Gratitude Cards to send to folks in your circle. This thoughtful gesture has the ability to create ripples of joy throughout your community.



Let’s be matchy-matchy

By contributing $40 or more to our Gratitude Campaign (now through October 31st), you will receive a “Be the Change” shirt. Each time you wear this shirt, you’re inviting others’ to join us in building stronger, more compassionate communities.

Hello, October!

 It’s the last week to join our teachers for yoga in the parks!

The Parks Program wraps up on October 10th this season. Wondering how you can continue to engage with and nurture your yoga practice?!

Yoga In Our City will be providing daily yoga, LIVE through our Virtual Studio. Virtual Studio classes will begin on Monday, October 11th- you don’t have miss a day! Visit our website to read more!

Be sure to follow YIOC on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn (@yogainourcity) to see the release of the Virtual Studio schedule! RSVP to connect with other yogis & hold yourself accountable.

Jessie Scanlon

Managing Director, Yoga In Our City

-=-=-Yoga In Our City, proudly presented by ConnectiCare
110 Bartholomew Avenue, Suite 3050, Hartford, CT 06106, United States

You can also keep up with Jessie Scanlon on Twitter or Facebook.

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