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posted by Robbin
October 17, 2009

Want your marketing efforts to reach a diverse group of over 500 Who’s Who  in the Greater New Haven area whose common thread is that they all enjoy going out and about in New Haven? 

…Then sign up for Robbin’s List! 

Who am I?  Just an interested New Havener trying to get the word out to others about all the great happenings in our city.

For well over 10 years now, I have been promoting all sorts of events to The List – restaurant specials, wine dinners, charity fundraisers, special retail offers, job postings, and a sprinkling  of real estate listings, pet placement and other items of interest.

My reason for The List is to get the word out to as many people as possible about the great things going on in New Haven.  The fact is, not everyone has time to read the paper or look at your mailings, but yet, people are happy to support an event once they DO hear about it.  And that’s where I come in!  I’m the one reading the papers, receiving emails and snail-mail about events — and reading those flyers stapled to telephone poles!

 What List members are saying:

“Thank you for keeping me up to date on all the local events!  I recently moved to West Haven from Stratford – and though it’s not terribly far, they really are two different worlds!  It’s great to get your emails to let me know what’s going on in New Haven and beyond! My boyfriend and I went to a wine tasting and a few great restaurants thanks to your emails!!” – LD

 “We get more hits to our website from your list, than we do from our own marketing list” – JG

 “My buddies and I had a great time at the golf tournament – thanks for giving us the heads up about it” – JN

 “Thanks for the info on that wine dinner.  When all was said and done – our party of two turned into a party of 12.  We had a great time! – FL 


How it works: Each day I send an email hit, with the details of your event/item, out to my diverse group of subscribers – currently numbering well over 500— including not just accountants, bankers, the young, the  old,  suburbanites, urbanites,  men, women,  singles,  couples, but every range of the spectrum. The common thread of The List is that they all enjoy going out and about in New Haven.

What that means: It means that your happening/sale/special reaches a wide audience, each with their own network of friends who they forward cool stuff to as well.  So your posting reaches a WIDE array of potential customers.

My website postings also directly link with my  Twitter and Facebook accounts as well as my community blog on the New Haven Register website.

How you can get involved: It’s simple…

1.) List Unlimited Items plus website link on home page per year – $400

2.)  Non-profits:  There is no charge to non-profits to post charitable events.

When submitting items for posting, please send to me in a one page JPG or PDF format.  People love to see graphics versus just words.  Flyers are perfect for uploading to my site!

*Note: I do need to have discretion over what I post and how often. No one wants to be spammed and no one wants to read EVERY day about your $1 draft beer special.

Let’s let New Haven area folks know about your business/event!


Contact me at  to sign up!